All About the Axim Accounts Receivable Management Team

Professional accounts receivable managers who adapt to your company culture.

  • Specialized Training

    Our A/R specialists are trained to handle all degrees of customer difficulty with the same level of courtesy and respect. Through persistence and professionalism, they get results where others back down.

  • Powerful Software

    We developed state-of-the-art A/R software to help our team follow a precise follow-up timeline. This results in a streamlined and consistent accounts receivable process.

  • Flexible & Adaptable

    Since we are operating under your name on your behalf, we adapt our customer communications to fit your company culture and produce a seamless experience for your customers.

  • Immediate Results

    On average, our accounts receivable management improves over-90 past dues by 62% in the first three months.

  • Improved Customer Relations

    We treat all your customers with respect, no matter how challenging they might be.

  • Reduced Overhead

    Our clients generally see a 25-30% reduction in A/R department overhead when using our virtual accounts receivable services. Our predictable and transparent pricing structure eliminates billing surprises.

We exited our factoring contract in 2008 and utilized Axim’s A/R and Credit Management services as opposed to taking the process in-house. This move resulted in immediate and significant cost savings for us and the results are unparalleled. Our receivables have never been in better condition and Axim’s experience analyzing credit challenged customers has kept us well within our bad debt budget. Their tailored approach makes them feel like an extension of our company to both us and our customers.

-Tamar Aba, CFO Jerry Leigh of California