Client Dispute Management

Client Dispute Management Services

Effective solutions for your toughest customer disputes

At Axim, we specialize in resolving client disputes with a focus on maintaining and strengthening your customer relationships. Our approach balances firmness with fairness, ensuring your rights are upheld while keeping customer service at the forefront.

Understanding Your Dispute Challenges

We take the time to learn your business and get to know any common dispute areas that you need assistance with.
  • Diverse Dispute Types

    Diverse Dispute Types

    We handle various disputes, from quality complaints to quantity discrepancies, like receiving 8 shirts instead of the promised 10, or shipping a defective product.

  • Short Pay Resolution

    Short Pay Resolution

    We expertly manage short pays, where customers deduct amounts for reasons like incorrect product presentation, pricing errors, or billing issues. Our team works with you and your customer to ensure you have a full understanding of the short pay reason. If the short pay is unauthorized or taken in error, our team works to collect on your behalf.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Dispute Management

From the start, our focus is on maintaining relationships while protecting your cash flow and advocating effectively on your behalf. We follow a proven 5-step process to resolve your disputes efficiently and timely:

  • Identify Disputes

    We quickly identify and assess the nature of each dispute, adding a code and note to our system so it shows up in your reporting.

  • Gather Evidence

    Documentation is key. We collect all relevant information and paperwork to support your position.

  • Collaborate with You

    You provide the proof; we handle the negotiation. Our team works closely with you to ensure a robust defense against invalid deductions.

  • Devise a Resolution

    We advise on the necessary steps to rectify issues.

  • Persistent Follow-Ups

    We keep disputes at the forefront until resolved, ensuring you receive what's rightfully yours.

Industry-Specific Expertise

Our expert team has extensive experience with resolving disputes in notoriously challenging industries, including:

  • Apparel


    From product quality issues to incorrect order fulfillment.

  • HVAC/Plumbing


    Addressing service quality disputes, like unresolved leakage complaints.

  • Service-Based Businesses

    Service-Based Businesses

    Resolving billing disputes for providers in marketing, consulting, design, and more.

Why Choose Axim?

Customer-Service Oriented

We prioritize maintaining positive customer relationships while effectively addressing disputes.

Expert Negotiation

Our skilled team knows how to navigate complex dispute scenarios to your advantage.

Detailed Reporting

Stay informed with regular updates and insights on your dispute management process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of disputes does Axim handle?
We manage a wide range of disputes, including complaints about work quality, delays, quantity discrepancies, and product defects. Our expertise spans various industries, ensuring we can effectively address your specific dispute needs.
How does Axim resolve short pays?
We tackle short pays by first ensuring all documentation is accurate and complete. We help your team review purchase orders, terms and conditions, and contracts to understand whether the short pay is valid or invalid. Then, we engage with your customers to rectify any invalid deductions. Our goal is to ensure you receive the full payment you’re owed.
What is Axim's approach to maintaining customer relationships during disputes?
Our approach is customer-service oriented, first and foremost. While we firmly advocate for your rights, we also focus on preserving and strengthening your customer relationships. Since we already have well-established relationships with your customers’ AP contacts, we know who to talk to and how to engage with them in a friendly, collaborative way to achieve an ideal outcome for both parties, without burning any bridges in the process. This approach helps ensure disputes are resolved effectively and long-standing business relationships are not damaged.
How does Axim’s dispute management process work?
Our process involves identifying disputes, collecting all necessary documentation, advising on resolution strategies, collaborating closely with you for evidence, and persistently following up until the dispute is resolved.
Can Axim handle disputes in specialized industries?
Yes, we have expertise in various industries, including apparel, HVAC/plumbing, and service-based sectors like marketing and consulting. Our team is equipped to handle the unique challenges and disputes that arise in these fields and beyond.

Take control of your client disputes with a balanced, effective approach

Partner with Axim for dispute management that protects your interests and preserves your customer relationships. Contact us today.

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