Credit Management

Credit Management Services You Can Trust

Grow sales and satisfy your customers while controlling bad debt.

  • Grow Sales

    Grow Sales

    Fill orders confidently and expand your enterprise knowing that the customers with whom you do business on terms have been fully vetted for their ability to pay.

  • Bad Debt Protection

    Bad Debt Protection

    Let us conduct a thorough investigation before establishing a credit line to avoid extending terms to struggling businesses with questionable reputations.

  • Satisfy Your Customers

    Satisfy Your Customers

    By identifying the most appropriate terms, your customers will value your flexibility as you help them thrive.

Strengthen Your Business with Credit Investigation + Your Virtual Accounts Receivable Team

Our credit management experts recommend appropriate customer credit terms then our dedicated AR specialists facilitate payments to your outstanding accounts receivable. By understanding your business’ big picture and facilitating your day-to-day receivables collection, we help you develop a clear picture of where your business is headed.

Credit Investigation

When it comes to investigating a customer’s creditworthiness, we dig deep. We analyze information from various credit reporting agencies, customer financial statements and public records to create a detailed picture of a customer’s ability to pay. This investigation, plus our deep involvement with industry trade groups, factor networks and other credit managers enables us to help you make smart credit decisions.

Lines of Credit

By understanding your projected sales goals, our experienced credit managers can determine the most appropriate credit terms for your customers. We help you confidently set credit limits and approve orders that maximize your growth while minimizing your risk.

Many Industries Served

No matter what your industry, our expert credit managers can evaluate your customers and your business objectives to help you set the most appropriate credit limits.

Credit FAQ

How can I ensure that my customers will pay?

No business can ever be 100% sure that their customers will remit prompt payment but our decades of experience and deep industry expertise enable us to accurately assess the creditworthiness of prospective and existing customers.


Axcelerate AR

Automate your AR process so you can focus on what matters most.

Our Axcelerate AR software helps you track your company’s AR and visualize the benefits our services. Learn more

Axcelerate A/R

We contracted with Axim, Inc. in 2012 to manage the credit and collection function for our company. Their service has allowed us to grow while keeping our past dues and bad debt below industry norms. In one specific case, we had an opportunity to do very large business with an up-and-coming retailer that, due to their newness, were not being approved by the factoring community or other manufacturers in our industry. Axim understood our appetite for sales growth and after undertaking a very thorough vetting process, were able to recommend a large credit line where most others had refused. To this day, they are still one of our largest customers. Suffice to say we are most pleased with Axim’s performance.

-Ron Perlman, Liverpool Jeans

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