Outsourced Accounts Receivable Services By Industry

Successfully improving cash flow for businesses for 30+ years.

With 30+ years in the accounts receivable and credit management business, we have likely already worked with businesses in your industry. We are experts in AR and credit management services, which are similar across most industries. However, we always take the time to learn more about the specifics of your business and your role in your industry, so we can better serve your business and customers.


Our decades of outsourced account receivables experience enables us to tailor credit and collections services for both public and private customers in the IT industry. Tech moves fast, so we provide flexible solutions that meet your business requirements in a competitive marketplace. From start ups to established entities, our credit and collections services conform to your business.

IT Fast analysis of large credit line decisions.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

We have managed AR for hundreds of companies in multiple manufacturing and distribution sectors, including lumber, electronics, construction, furniture, floral supplies, automotive and more. Our combined knowledge and experience serving manufacturers & distributors ensures there are very few problems we haven’t seen before.

Distributor The right credit line to support growth.

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Apparel Industry

We understand the unique challenges of the apparel industry when it comes to accounts receivables. At Axim, we have decades of experience working with apparel companies of all sizes, with a laser focus on streamlining processes to ensure your business maintains a healthy cash flow. Whether you’re transitioning away from factoring, looking to fully outsource AR, or seeking help with credit management, Axim is a trusted partner for apparel companies.

Apparel Seamless exit from the factoring arena.

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Results you can see

  • Reduced Overhead

    Reduced Overhead

    Our outsourced accounts receivables services eliminate the need for AR training time and setbacks associated with accounting staff turnover. Our clients reduce in-house accounting department overhead by 25-30%.

  • Improved Cash Flow

    Improved Cash Flow

    We oversee $800 million in annual receivables with less than 2% over 60 days past due. On average, we reduce DSO by 8-12 days and improve over-90 past dues by 62% in the first three months.

We exited our factoring contract in 2008 and utilized Axim’s AR and Credit Management services as opposed to taking the process in-house. This move resulted in immediate and significant cost savings for us and the results are unparalleled. Our receivables have never been in better condition and Axim’s experience analyzing credit challenged customers has kept us well within our bad debt budget. Their
tailored approach makes them feel like an extension of our company to both us and our customers.

– Tamar Aba, CFO, Jerry Leigh of California

Increase your cash flow by rethinking how you manage AR.

Send us your aging report and we’ll show you how we can increase your cash flow right away. Outsourcing your
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