Case Studies


The right credit line to support growth.

15+ Employees

$20+ Million Annual Revenue


A distributor wanted to find a company that could assist with recommended credit lines for their customers. They needed someone with significant experience in vetting customers and making recommendations on large credit lines, generally in the range of $10,000 to $100,000. The distributor had a credit insurance policy but many accounts were either not covered or did not get covered with a sufficient amount. We were asked to act as their Credit Manager, providing recommended credit lines of sufficient size to help prevent sales losses. The distributor also wanted to consider outsourcing their ‘first party’ invoice collection, in order to utilize our sophisticated software to improve customer payments.

Client Pain Points

The company lacked the personnel and experience to manage credit investigations and recommendations on their customers. While they had a credit insurance policy, they were concerned it was restricting their growth due to both conservative decisions or by not extending the credit line amounts needed to expand sales. They did not want to undertake the risk without the support of a Credit Manger with significant experience who could assist with in-house credit line decision-making.

Solutions Implemented

Axim thoroughly investigated their complete customer base, fully vetting both existing and new accounts to determine their ability to pay. Our experienced credit personnel recommended credit lines in amounts needed to spur growth, based on numerous resources that demonstrated the credit worthiness of the client’s customers. The various methods for decision-making are determined by each individual industry and customer base but generally include credit reports, trade references, public records (suits, judgments, tax liens, etc.), financial statement analysis and the use of instruments used to secure certain accounts such as, L/C’s, personal guarantees, and other forms of collateral.


The client has remained with Axim since 2009 and we continue to provide first party collection and credit recommendations on an ‘as needed’ basis. Bad debt losses over the past 7 years have been well within budget.