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Accounts Receivable Outsourcing for Financial Services

Bridging the Gap in AR Management for Lenders and Receivers

We understand the unique challenges that lenders and receivers face in managing accounts receivable (AR). At Axim, we tailor our services to help you navigate through difficult times in business while staying cash positive. Our sole goal is to break down barriers for payment to provide required cash flow and help fund operations during these transitional periods.

  • Expedient Results

    Expedient Results

    Multiple AR specialists work your aging, quickly contacting all debtors, adhering to strict follow-up timelines, and assigning status codes to speed up payment and enhance cash flow.

  • Real-Time Status Tracking

    Real-Time Status Tracking

    Our proprietary software offers a full picture of outstanding invoice status, including disputes, checks in mail, and re-routed payments.

  • Accommodated to You

    Accommodated to You

    We work with debtors to ensure all payments are remitted to a place under your control, providing additional assistance as needed.

Why Choose Axim’s Lender Services?

Improved Cash Flow

Our approach focuses on improving your cash flow, not collecting commissions (we don’t do commissions). We work diligently to streamline the AR process, ensuring that finances are handled efficiently and effectively no matter what business transition is underway.

Trustworthy Information and Validation

You need reliable information and assurance that collections are being handled professionally. Axim’s professional accounts receivable services offer transparency and trust, with detailed reporting to validate the work being done and provide valuable insight to the open AR.

Dedicated Partnership

As a dedicated accounts receivable outsourcing team, we act as your partner, prioritizing your interests and those of your clients. Our skilled AR specialists step in to manage delicate situations with professionalism and tact, safeguarding your business interests over all else.

Deep Industry Experience

We have over 30 years of experience helping our financial services clients maintain cash flow during situations including:

  • Restructuring


  • Wind down

    Wind down

  • Position for a sale

    Position for a sale

  • Liquidation


  • Receivership


  • Bankruptcy


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Lender Services Frequently Asked Questions

Where are payments sent?
Payments are directed as per your instructions. Our accounts receivable services team can assist in rerouting payments to accommodate various situations such as office closures or lockbox arrangements.
How do you get paid?
Axim works on a flat monthly rate, negotiated in advance, without commissions. This aligns our accounts receivable outsourcing services with your best interest.
What name will you call under to collect on invoices?
Typically, we use the client's name to expedite collections. However, we're flexible and can use any name required, whether it's Axim, the lender, or another.
Do you take ownership of the receivables?
No we do not. We simply act as contract workers collecting AR on behalf of our clients, without assuming ownership.
Can you assist with payment posting?
Yes, we can help keep the aging up to date. We can work with various arrangements, whether you have a lockbox set up or provide daily cash reports.
How quickly can you start?
We understand the urgency in these situations and can commence collections in less than 24 hours after receiving the necessary information. The first step is to schedule a call to assess your needs.

Start enhancing your AR management today.

With Axim’s Lender Services, gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your accounts receivable are in expert hands. Contact us today to learn how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

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