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From $100K to $39 Million+ in Revenue

50+ employees

1,000+ clients and 12,000 annual invoices


Instead of using their bootstrapped bandwidth and startup budget to build an in-house AR team, Digible partnered with Axim from the start to handle their invoicing, collections, and payment posting. This early decision allowed Digible, a digital marketing firm, to focus on what mattered most: growth. From less than 20 accounts to collecting on more than 12,000 invoices annually, here’s how we’ve kept Digible’s invoices paid while freeing up their time to focus on scaling.

From 100K to 39 million in revenue case study

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Client Pain Points

While Digible had the marketing skills, industry experience, and network to grow quickly, they didn’t have much experience in payment processing and collections. In an industry that uses mostly paper checks and a range of payment portals, they knew this could become their Achilles heel if they didn’t take care of it right away.

Solutions Implemented

Digible went hybrid before it was the trendy thing to do. But this meant there weren’t always people in the office to collect their customers’ checks. This issue, combined with their rapid growth, resulted in delayed payment posting – making it easy for past-due invoices to slip through the cracks.  

Here’s how we helped Digible handle the tedium of payment processing so they could grow unencumbered.


By handling their entire payment process and keeping their invoices paid, Digible was able to keep costs down while focusing on growth – and grow they have.

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